Month: July 2002

Telephone Tip for the Day

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When calling for customer service, Never, NEVER “press 1 for English.” In fact, don’t press any numbers at all. Just sit patiently and wait. You’ll jump to the top of the queue and will get an immediate answer from a human being. Trust me. It works… Just try it next time.You see, if an old person or someone without fingers calls and doesn’t know how, can’t comprehend, or simply isn’t able to press numbers, then […]

Did you feel that?


I moved the blog to a real hosting service (instead of my PC). If you go to it will forward you to…. soon and will both point to the same machine. Sean, if you have linked to particular entries, those will soon stop working unless you change every reference of to In the meantime, there are still links floating about my site that will remain broken until I go […]

Hurray for Alex


Alex, without any challenges or prompting, has put up his own web log: (broken link) He’s my former business partner and is currently VP of Engineering at a consulting company in Houston, TX. Apparently, Alex’s site is also running on his own web logging / intranet software! This can only spur me on to replace Movable Type with Tock. Since Alex refuses to ever respond to my emails and voicemail (regardless of how many “URGENT”, […]

Moving Progress, Food, and My Worst Nightmare

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So, no, I didn’t finish moving yesterday, but I’m ALMOST there… just a bunch of larger items (bed, futon frame, desk, big tv, etc.) My brother and dad are trying to convince me to go in with them on a HUGE high-definintion TV for the new house. I can’t afford it unless we negotiate some long-term payment plan… just what I need: more debt… Mark (my bro) and I are already pricing BBQ grills and […]

Moving is going blindingly fast.


Due in large part to my pre-move preperation, my moving out of the apartment and into the house is going by very quickly and very easily. I may, knock on wood, even be done today! The big question mark right now is whether or not I need the UHaul truck to move my bigger pieces of furniture… however, I think I’ll be able to fit them all into the 4-Runner (you know, sticking out the […]



A Warning: This one’s pretty long… it’s more for my benefit than anything else SIGGRAPH is a Special Interest Group of ACM that focuses on Computer Graphics and Visualization. SIGGRAPH 2002 was a conference held in San Antionio, TX that brought together researchers, students, industry, and general enthusiasts together to exchange ideas. The drive down to San Antonio was fairly pleasant. I left early enough to miss traffic, and I had Howard playing on my […]

I owe an entry on:


This entry is just a little reminder to myself to write about: My parents’ closing on the house. SIGGRAPH 2002 Details. Backgrounder on my job. That’s the order they’ll come in, I think. I’ll actually be out and about and (gasp!) away from computers for most of today, but I should have a block of time tonight to try to tackle the first of those.

I’m Back: tired, exhausted, brain-fried

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You know… It’s not right to subject the average geek to 8 hours of supermodels fighting for his attention… he just doesn’t know how to behave in that environment. AND how can they read my nametag from 20 feet away?!?!? The Encounter A Short Theatrical Experience Designed By David Nunez Setting: The [insert pretty much any company name] booth at SIGGRAPH 2002 Characters: David, the boy wonder – He’s both in and out of his […]

Email Revisited #0001


And now, because I am very busy, I give you an email story I wrote: From: David Nunez To: Friends Sent: Thu 6/13/2002 11:44 AM Subject: Poison Ivy So a few weeks back, Alex and I participated in an adventure race in Houston. Although I recognize what poison ivy and oak look like, in the heat of battle, I must have plunged my arms into thick patches of the stuff. Over the next few days, […]

I freaked out today.


I freaked out today because I saw a comment from a complete stranger on one of the entries. It was inevitable, but I certainly didn’t think it would happen so quickly. This is probably an overreaction, but I felt very light-headed when I saw the comment and clicked on the link to see this person’s website. So today, this whole thing suddenly got a little weird on me. Before now, I guess I sort of […]