Month: August 2002



This is the first weekend in a long while where I’m not doing something. Really, I’m very excited for the opportunity to do some more unpacking. If I can get my bedroom, bathroom, and study unpacked and cleaned up by the end of the weekend, I’ll be a very happy boy. However, I’ll be an ecstatic boy if I can get my workshop / laboratory space set up in the garage, as well.

exploding concrete


I’m getting ready to go to my art welding class at 7:40. The instructor is a firecracker (no pun intended). She is extremely energetic and obviously LOVES staring at melted, liquid scrap metal reflecting the sun-like flame eminating from her welding tip… bits of cars, refrigerators, and for sale signs which she coaxes into works of art. She understood completely what the situation was: us 5 students (2 girls) were taking this course not to […]

Clay’s Blog


Clay has been writing in his blog off and on for a while now, but he has never officially “released” it for public consumption. At one point, Sean stumbled upon Clay’s experiment so we’ve all been “secretly” reading Clay’s stuff this whole time. Now, however, Clay has officially flipped the switch. Clay is an electrical engineer (although we won’t hold that against him, no matter HOW much bad and ugly software he makes) with Bose […]

Victory 1


Well, after my lunch meeting / pitch, it looks pretty strong for go ahead with Tock rollout. I promised the system in January of next year, but between you and me, it won’t take that much effort to get what I have in Tock ready and customized for a rollout. I’m on the mangers’ meeting agenda for next Tuesday where I’ll pictch again and give the demo. That should seal the deal because I am […]



Whoops, silly me. How could I forget that Tock requires… ohhhh, let’s see… A DATABASE to run? Well so much for doing a cool demo for Rip and Carissa. Too bad. At least I have screenshots. For your amusement, I’ll share the content of one of my slides titled “David’s Philosophy” Currently available technology focuses on: generation of new explicit knowledge Organizing and finding knowledge in the system Knowledge is all fine and good; it’s […]

Next up to bat


So I have quite a few things on my plate right now, but tomorrow I’m going to give a proposal to Rip about technology-assisted knowledge and ideas management in our organization. Essentially, it will be a rollout plan for Tock. One of my ulterior motives for taking this job is that it gives me the freedom to use this place as a laboratory for my ideas and innovations in the area of art + technology […]

Games Conference


Kudos go to Aaron Thibault for such an awesome job on putting on the games development conference this weekend. I had a blast and the high schoolers had a blast, as well. I’m a bit worn out and brainfried from all the activity, so I don’t think I’m ready to decompress / report just yet. I’ll leave you with a quote from one of the speakers, Carly Staehlin, that resonated with me. She was the […]

Meetup Wrapup

Events / Journal

Well, of course I had to run back here and post an entry about meetup. Met some interesting folks- Japanese to English translators (but NOT the other way around, for goodness sakes), A fire-twirling-Mobile-Home-dwelling-ultra-environmentalist, a webmaster for Texas Legislators (if you think THEY are demanding, you haven’t met their assistants!) who might work with my organization, a woman working with the police force directing their efforts to reduce traffic fatalities including wild sting operations on […]

High Schoolers


I absolutely LOVE talking with High School Students. It’s by far the best part of this job. This weekend my organization is bringing 9 high school students to the UT / IC2 Games Development conference. (Including 2 teenage girls! Teenage girls at a video game conference is by far one of the most unbeliveable victories for this thing) . This is going to be an awesome, all-star lineup of video games folks. One of my […]

Project Text up


Text for the Project part of my site is up. I wrestled with my scanner, but i had technical trouble that prevented me from getting good sketches up to accompany the text. That’s coming soon. And I just realized i completely forgot to write about the Tock project which dominates about half of my time… argh! Also, I still need to upload my bio / about page text. All in good time, my friends… all […]