Month: September 2002

A Conversation with Mike


I spoke on the phone tonight with Mike and I promised I would add an entry tonight. <!–break–> I don’t what it is about the past few days that’s causing me to neglect my blog. I definitely feel a little worn down. Between my job (once the school year started, my workload literally doubled as there are twice as many people to talk to), my Project work, and tv… well, I suppose that last one […]

Robot Shows Already In Existence


This is by no means a comprehensive list and it especially leaves out performances like Battlebots which are a whole lot more about sports and gladiator entertainment rather than theatre. And do a google search for “animitronics” for other robot performances and robot puppets, of course. Omnicircus – This one I found pretty disturbing, but watching the video was encouraging as he had some things going on which I didn’t think were possible. Is this […]

Search Engines


Just for kicks, here are the search queries people have used when stumbling across my site. (ex. they typed “” in google and got my site as a response) What’s sad is that I can give an explanation for each of them. snake headed fish david burke maryland snakehead bark scorpion exterminator dorothy the mole cute jpg 01010101010101 jpg caltech ed simmons kargher corporation hershey northern snake headed fish cannot find server sporadic snake […]

My workshop


I’ve set up the corner of the workshop with the easel and workbench. I applied gesso to a raw canvas. I have to wait 24 hours for the white goo to dry and then I’ll have to see if I should sand it and apply another coat. Spreading pure white primer all over the canvas is incredibly frustrating because I was in a creative mood and wanted to start painting. In an ideal studio, I’d […]

ohhhh my aching back


I woke up in utter, physical pain this morning. This weekend/upcoming week’s project is to get my workshop/studio set up in the garage. Before yesterday, my part of the three-car garage was filled with junk and boxes, tools, and about 200 extra bricks from the builders.I bought 2 more sets of metal, wire shelves from Sam’s, so I first assembled them as one very long wall of shelves which will seperate my studio from Richard’s […]

I’m on the Austin Index


I forgot to mention that the other day I passed the screening process (original design, content, and a reciprical link) to get on the Austin Index, a list of personal sites of Austin people “who share a passion for publishing on the web.” Yea! Austin Index update: 09.21.02 (08:21a) – Fixed link. Thanks, sean!

Best Laid Plans


I’m still at work. My 2:00 went for 2.5 hours. It was another great, energizing meeting, though. I never did get around to my weekly review… Sadly, I will be dragging home my computer for the weekend to do some work. That’s ok, though, extra effort pays off in dividends here (which is a dangerous thing, lemme tell ya). Speaking of plans, I showed my Approximation sketches to my welding instructor. My original thought would […]

meetup wrapup


Well, I was wrong. The turnout was great! About 9 or 10 people total. Only Jon was there from last time, but others had been to the very first meetup (there have been 3 meetups altogether). My signs were unnecessary. People actually recognized each other and we hit a critical mass where it was completely obvious to a person that was late that we were the group. Too many topics to list, but I have […]

Meetup tonight


There is another Meetup tonight! I made some signs to put up to avoid the problem of last time. 8 people have rsvp’d, but I’d estimate half will actually show up. With proper care, something like this could really take off. It could EASILY be a well-attended, fun, happily crowded, and memoriable event series. Someone with a community-building mentality could really organize some cool stuff – get guest speakers, get food subsidized, accomplish work and […]

Community Action Network- September Austin Employment Data


Everything you wanted to know about the Austin job market but were too afraid to ask. “A review of this month?جø¬?s indicators shows that the Travis County economy is slow to recover although there are signs that certain sectors are strengthening. The unemployment rate dropped slightly but remains high. The region continues to lose jobs. Increased demand for social services is evident when compared to last year, particularly in the area of basic needs.” – […]