Month: November 2002



Last night, I was watching something on the Discovery channel called “Motorcycle Mania.”It was a thinly veiled marketing vehicle for the Discover Channel’s version of Emeril: Jesse James. The show (two different ones, actually) was a biography / documentary of how Jesse takes a custom-built motorcycle from wild concept through to production (and throws in some docudrama involving his split-up with his wife and also some VERY weak adventure/survivor flair with an “impossible” long distance […]

Uberman Day 1


Had to force myself to stay awake last night until midnight… watched tv and tried to read at the same time… I couldn’t concentrate on the Linux book. I fell right asleep, but woke up only 20 minutes later because my hands were all twisted and bent in weird directions. I half-woke up at 0500 because my parents were making a ruckus as they were leaving. They said bye the night before, so I didn’t […]

A matter of time.


What would you do with an extra 35 hours a week you could use for yourself to do whatever you wanted?Since I have a short little break this weekend, I’ve been thinking a little bit about priorities and productivity. I have a category of tasks in Outlook called “Projects” that has a list of all the things I am actively working on (ranges from “Cure Fungus in Grass in Front Yard” to work stuff to […]

Gobble Gobble


I love Thanksgiving. It’s probably my favorite holiday. Right now, I’m drooling over the smell of Mr. Tom roasting away in the oven… I particularly like to eat the skin. So crispy and golden… mmmmm… Let’s not forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving, though: we give thanks to the Baby Jesus for discovering America. …or something like that. What time do the Cowboys play?

Last Week – Blog Meetup


I was too early.I was host, so I put up my little sign, but Tim (the first to show) wasn’t there until 15 minutes after… followed by Shawn (over whom I’m kicking myself for recognizing his face and name and not building the connection in my mind to where I ran into him before until he noticed my bewildered look and said, “You don’t remember me, do you?” Sorry, Shawn!…) Adina and Adam also showed […]

Last Week – EFF Meetup


I can sum up the Meetup in one line: People started using the version of Unix that they first started hacking to try to win debate points.From my perspective, this sort of meeting was a marketing nightmare. I think it’s very important for the group to have these meetings and these conversations, but we need to think long and hard about how we are going to allow the uber-geeks to debate and rant (which is […]

Last Week – High Schoolers


I need to catch up on a few items from my silly little life last week: The high school girls’ project apparently went really well. They complained about our technology and talked about how they circumvented the limitations (including having me run out to buy a hub, bringing my Mac from home, and setting up some wacky FTP server that would only work after a very specific and long series of plugging and unplugging network […]

A Century


My Grandma turned 100 years old.Today my family celebrated her birthday in San Elizario, Texas. A priest from the San Eli Mission came to celebrate mass at her home and my relatives and cousins and friends from the community sang and played mariachi instruments, made tremendous amounts of food and celebrated. She has blessed our family with her love, care and long life.

Domain Support Group Scam


I got a fax today from the “Domain Support Group” filled with legal mumbo-jumbo about losing my domain name. I happen to have an outstanding issue with Verisign (I registered a while back before they installed their fancy new administration program, so I’m having a lot of trouble changing the mailing address associated with my domain), so I thought this might be related. I called the number and was put on hold for a […]