Month: January 2003

Dork Posting


I’m switching my home server from Red Hat to Debian in hopes that some of the OpenGL stuff I’m trying to compile for my art and machine experiments goes smoother. I use my server to do rsync’s from my office machine (so I can back up files, have access to all my repository from whereever I’m working, etc), I also have an SMTP server (running on a custom port, thank you) so that I don’t […]



Over lunch, my boss told me to brace myself. One of my coworkers is leaving soon to pursue an AWESOME opportunity as an Executive Director for a non-profit in Washington D.C. We’re all very happy for her and also very sad for us. Namely, on top of the Career Summit/ CEO Summit on April 9 (which, I’ll need to blog soon… so you’ll realize why I went off the deep end) and my regular IT […]

I am not alone.


I learned yesterday that one of my co-workers (that I hardly ever see because this person is at a different location) not only has maintained a blog longer than I, but is on the austinbloggers mailing list, and has ideas about using blogs for work-related purposes. No longer do I have the burden of being the sole bearer of the cutting edge! I’m looking forward to working with and learning from this person to get […]

Interviews in Geekland


Today I sat on an interviewing panel for a position with an NSF-funded project that I do a lot of work with through my CATF-IT Cluster. There were three candidates, all very good. In the software and technical world, there is a Seven-levels-of-Hell interview gauntlet for programmers and engineers. I always found the typical programmers’ interviews to be downright abusive and tantamount to torture…Usually it’s a long series of interviews (preceeded by a phone screen […]

Visiting Graveyards


This morning I visited a grave of an infamous Texas gunslinger and outlaw, Sam Bass.The Round Rock cemetery is not more than 6 or 7 miles or so from where I live. He’s buried next to one of his gang in a section of the graveyard reserved for the lowest rungs of 1800’s Texas society. It was drizzly and overcast this morning… appropriate for visiting gravesites I had no connection to. I felt goulish as […]

My Eyes are Going to Explode

Fiction / Personal

I thought I ought to warn you That my Eyes are About to Explode. I’ve not found a way to relieve them They grow from behind. Pulse and pound Pulse and pound Like kettle drums for my brains. I really ought to warn you That my Eyes are About to Explode. But if I did, You’d miss the milky goo.

Lots and Lots of Austin BLOGeek Activity


Just a followup… Today and yesterday, there was a LOT of interesting traffic on the [url=]austinblogger[/url] email list. Get on it… it’s a bit technical and geeky right now, but I believe there is going to be a LOT of cool new stuff emerging from that group… I HIGHLY recommend that if you are a Central Texas online journal or blog writer (past, present or future) and you care about the online lifestyle of fellow […]

How DID I spend my 3-day weekend?


Just in case you care, here are my rambling summaries of a geekout this weekend (It was quite productive). Yoshitake Motion Capture System Hacked a Cuecat Rsync Windows Woes (12133958th in a series)1. Compiled OpenGL hack to test my motion capture system to choreogragh Yoshitake… The idea is that it’s an input skeleton of his right arm (which will eventually be under robotic control). At each joint is a sensor to measure angle between “bones.” […]

Austin teenagers in suburbia on a nice day.


Luckily, oh-so-luckily, we had today as a holiday from work. I saw something amazing in Austin this weekend that made me feel really incredible.Well, being cooped up in my dark garage or in my home office with the shades drawn (glare is always a problem) for 72 hours is neither healthy nor a testiment to my sanity. The weather was absolutely perfect for all three days this weekend, so I managed to get outdoors on […]