Month: March 2003



I could do without all the coy, inside-joke laden, April Fool’s blog entries and/or redesigns please. I mean come on… is it really THAT important to one-up everyone else… grrrr….

IM’ing the day away


I downloaded [url=]Trillian[/url] today which allows me to combine my AIM, MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo screen names and buddy lists in one place for instant messaging through one interface. Up until this point, I’ve been a lax IM user… it’s on, but I usually end up calling people I need to talk to rather than IM’ing them… so I don’t get the bazillion instant messages every day that most people get. That changes now: MSN: […]



It’s springtime in Austin. The cold snap I predicted on Friday was short lived. On Sunday, it was absolutely beautiful outside. So I hopped on the ol’ bicycle again for another [url=]romp[/url] through my neighborhood. This time, I had a very specific mission… There is an extensive network of parks and greenbelts and hike/bike trails within a mile of where I live. However, there is not really a connecting path between my subdivision and the […]

Making a No Comments RSS Feed


We’re getting a cold snap in Austin, so we’re shaping up for a great day/weekend of blog tender lovin’ care… I’ve got about 20 minor things to change on the blog… In the meantime, someone pointed out to me in email that comments in the RSS feed can be annoying (depending on the newsreader) because everytime a new comment appears, it indicates my site has updated, even though there might not be any new entries. […]

full entry on RSS? Almost, but not quite.


I just noticed that my RSS export does not include extended entries for my post (and no link or indication to get the entire text). I will fix shortly. If this is babble to you, kindly ignore. 03.28.03 0813 Fixed: Easy fix… here is the updated version: [url=]index.xml.txt[/url] Thanks [url=]again[/url] to [url=]Adam[/url] for the template.

Tock urges action


Again, once April 10 comes around, I’ll try to crystalize some of the vapor. A while back, [url=]Adam[/url] and I had an email conversation about Tock and email and things… this is an excerpt I wrote in response to his mentioning [url=]Zoe[/url].Zoe IS cool. From what I gathered, it’s basically the an improved and webified/OS version of Nelson Email Organizer ( Indexing on the fly, lots of good stuff. Phenomenal for collecting, organizing, and finding, […]

CEO Summit


I talk a lot about this offline, so I figured I needed to plug/brag about this online… This is a BIG deal that my organization is pulling together… Note the names of our Co-Chairs who are leading some of the thought behind the agenda (CEO of AMD, President of UT, CEOs of big banks and hospitals in Austin)… [url=]CEO Summit[/url]. The idea is to convene a hot-shot list of CEOs and bigwigs in our community […]



… like the last three slices of store-brand bread, left over from the brilliant money-saving scheme of making sandwiches for the week gone horribly wrong as the ratio of appetite to meat to sandwich was far greater than 1. That’s my blog right now. Too much appetite, not enough meat… Know what I mean?