Month: May 2003

Lunch with Sheliegh


Just had another fascinating lunch with Sheliegh (and this time, my credit card worked, much to my relief) which involved some scrumptious drinks and an even more scrumptious chocolate dessert (something in-between fudge and ice cream, sun-dried cherries, cream sauce, almonds, and chocolate syrup… drooool) Among many other things, we briefly talked about some blog stuff, so I thought I would capture some of the ideas (many of which involved food comparisons, appropriately enough: include […]

Look, I’m no American Idol, myself…


…but why isn’t anyone worried about Ruben’s morbid obesity? Sweating profusely after 3 seconds of singing does not make an Americon Idol, in my book… However the borderline-leprechaun can’t win either: what’s with the Jim-Carrey-Contortion faces, Clay? So that pretty much sums up my only experience “watching” American Idol… I’ve not followed this show (neither last year or this year). Watching these “artists” dressed in clown costumes, yelling, not singing, into the microphone with pseudo-soul […]



I somehow managed to chip one of my front teeth pretty significantly by biting into a fork today. I knew something was horribly, horribly wrong as I felt the side of my tooth turn into an avalanche of enamel as my tongue slipped along its newly jagged spires… With my eyes shut tight, I crawled into the bathroom… too afraid that my reflected smile would make me resemble one of the Washboard-playing hillbillies on Hee-Haw, […]

Recycling Altoids Tins


If you have any empty Altoids Tins, please donate them to me for a little project. I’m not an environmentalist nut like some of my friends (ahem [url=]Jon[/url], [url=]Alex[/url]), but I’ve suddenly become really irked about Altoids tins… You see Altoids, the “curiously strong” mints are everywhere. One of their nice qualities is that they come in a small metal tin which makes for great convenience. However, since people go through these things by the […]

Thanks kids.


Surely I’m not the only one that gets that we’re just flies on each other’s asses? I have nothing more to say re: today’s ruckus. My advice: turn off the computer and take in this amazing sunset! Oh… and to satisfy the “Austin” category… Best three things about dinners at Hula Hut: watching the water, being served ice cold Coronas by a gorgeous waitress in a flimsy, hawaiian-print mini-skirt, and completely forgetting there is such […]

I was misquoted!


Thanks to DavidH for pointing out a pretty significant editing error in my quote in the Chronicle story… The error, on the part of the Chronicle, reverses my intent at worst or at least makes me look like an idiot (as do those glaring square brackets to fix my grammar errors)… It seems that this would be an editing error vs. an intentional misrepresentation since the reversal of opinion would not support the author’s point. […]

Warblogs are Silly


There is another article on blogging in the upcoming issue of The Austin Chronicle. I’ve been quoted in this article, as well. Link to article. Some points of clarification (since I think my opinion may be contrary to some counterparts’ in Austin): I am NOT the webmaster for the austinbloggers site… not by any stretch of the imagination. Credit goes to Chip, Adam, Adina, Prentiss et al who actually wrote HTML and maintain the site […]

When, exactly, did my life…


…turn into a neverending series of meetings? 7 tomorrow… all on a wildly diverse set of topics all around town; all promise to be fun, interesting, or productive. Except when do I get to do the WORK? Oh wait, my work happens to BE conversation.