Month: March 2004

Another Speaking Gig – Cool Tools for Change


I’ll be speaking on April 2, 2004 in two panels at the cool tools for change workshop put on by the good folks in Dr. Gary Chapman’s community informatics class at the LBJ school for public affairs at the university of texas at austin; they also maintain a cool blog. I’ll be plugging CATF‘s use of Drupal as a CMS I’ll be speaking on the closing panel: The Future of Public AccessClosing Panel SessionTime: 3:00pm […]

ugh! Enough Already.


Ok, ok… I give… No more orange.?Ǭ? No more green… What am I? an Oompa-Loompa? I hate this blog design.?Ǭ? What the heck was I thinking? It’s making me disgusted to even write here. Thus: Redesign pending.

Am I Becoming a Spammer?


I think I’m walking a fine line between the good and evil sides of mass email. The last couple of weeks, in particular, I sent out quite a few mass emails to contacts, some more "casual" than others. These were of the "HEY! I’ve got something cool going on you might be interested in" type. In almost all cases, I would definitely say that the messages were "audience appropriate." As I’m building my mailing list, […]

How Much energy does the Internet use?


Chris posed a very interesting rhetorical question today. How much energy does the Internet consume? Broadly, this means electric, mental, organizational, etc. Specifically, considering all the networked devices and the electrons going through billions of connections, how many Watts do we dissapte in the ether? Can you count computers, translate to electricity demands, and then translate to things like barrels of oil or global warming effects? Then can we ask: Of the energy used by […]

SxSW EFF-A Party


Well.?Ǭ? I think we had a stunning success at the EFF-A/EFF/Creative Commons / Andrews Kurth / Polycot / Midas Networks / Joito?Ǭ?Party last night.?Ǭ? Over 300 people came through the doors of El Sol y La Luna… hipsters, music-lovers, geeks, bloggers, lawyers, and movers and shakers of all shapes and sizes were mingling, enjoying delicious food and drink, and making merry until 10:30 or so when the party started thinning (as the food also thinned). […]



She dropped her satchel on the floor, the multitude of unconverged, expensive and fragile contents scratching and curmudgeoning like war-beaten cats in an asinine lover’s quarrel. Yet with the care of an ostrich turning its eggs, she used the tips of her fingers to coax her surplus/refurbished/gently-used/5-dollars-or-less fur-lined coat onto the foam padded clothes hanger in the entryway closet. Priorities. The answering machine winked like a lighthouse from across the room. She kicked off her […]

I’m Speaking at SxSW Interactive


Some exciting news (I can’t believe I didn’t blog this yet.) I’m speaking at SxSWi in the "Edutainment" panel on March 14. "Are students more apt to pay attention when gaming technology is introduced into the classroom? Does paying attening to a new-fangled lesson plan equate to better learning? Is edutainment a cure-all or a compromise?" I’ll be presenting some case studies from my work with the Future Media Institute (the partnership between the Digital […]