Month: July 2004

Songs in my head


When I find a song I like, I have this habit of listening to it over and over again, back-to-back. Currently, it’s No Doubt’s “Rocksteady” I think what I like is its summertime, lazy feel. Good CD, all-around, actually. Actually, I lied. I’m listening to “It’s My Life” in an alternating sequence w/ Rocksteady… same reason: it’s a summertime song… especially about 1:20 in when the guitar does this beach/surfer/space-noise thing in the background. Very […]

Monkey on My Back


I’m recovering from the show yesterday… There’s much that I learned… In the meantime, it’s time to BBQ. Update 2004.04.05 More pictures and video here: [?link: My Gallery] [?external: Robot Group Site]