Month: October 2004

Premature Fall?


Trees rapidly approaching from underneath… Ouch! Oh. Ugh… garr.. crap.. #$#!% my LEGS! (I think they just broke!) oops oh OHHH! arghh. OHNOOOOO.. pain! pain! oh. noise! snapping, scratching… OUCH!! too fast! TOO FAST! SLAM! so…. will I survive? Dunno. I wish I had more confidence in my gumption. At the very least, this is going to be a very difficult and long road to recovery; would someone please turn up the lights? This is […]

Cryptic Entries


The past few weeks, I’ve been saying things, outloud and in person, about personal plans, positioning and movement to many people I know. It’s been stunning to me that this process of simple external affirmation has had a profound impact on my acceleration along this trajectory from which I’m realizing there’s no longer a way to pull up… at least not at this speed. The only place I haven’t really spent time really talking about […]

Lazy Town


My 2.85 year old nephew came to town last week and in between toy car races, parks and playgrounds, and spinning around (literally), I had the opportunity to watch a lot of modern children’s television. Oh, my, goodness…. LAZY TOWN! Have you seen this show? I swear, if I was still in college and into “mind-altering experiences”, this is precisely the kind of a get-high-and-giggle-with-my-stoner-friends show I would tape and watch over and over again. […]

battering ram


I just found, in my “misc. notes to process” folder, a scrap of paper containing a quote Don shared with me last Sunday over Curra’s: “Sometimes the only way out is through.” If you hold that to be true, then it’s smart to push with overwhelming vigor… throwing your entire self into the gauntlet to get out as quickly as possible. That doesn’t mean blindly mucking around in the thick of it, but means focusing […]



I’m really looking forward to Linucon… I’ll get to hang out with my kind of people for just the amount of time that’ll stop short of my getting sick of ’em. Say hi if you see me, please!