Month: November 2004

Better Layout


Layout_three Originally uploaded by davidnunez. This is a better layout after feedback from a few people (mainly that it was too long of a walk to get to my seat in the original arrangement.) I’ve already begun moving stuff around (and snapping photos along the way).<!–break–>

Home Office – Design


Layout_one_orth Originally uploaded by davidnunez. I’ve been thinking long and hard about potential home office designs now that I’ll be spending more time working from home. There’s a lot of research in Industrial Organizational psychology and ergonomics that address more corporate settings (especially research on how people working in factories can be made more efficient… a lot of stuff about flourescent lighting, etc). However, there does not exist much solid work in how people, given […]



Hey bub… Wanna know a secret? The Moleskine legend is a lie. Enjoy the fraud, chief. I have succumbed to my in-the-closet hipster and purchased a new pair of Moleskine notepads (medium sized; one quadruled, one sketchbook) in the past couple of weeks. I have burned through 3 of the smaller books this year. I’m not proud of this. These are incredibly expensive chicken scratch pads. However, I’ve been inspired to try to do some […]

Wrapping things up.


I gave myself pretty much the entire month of November to wrap things up at CATF. Boy, did that go by fast. I’m staring at the list of stuff that I’d still like to get done and I’m realizing I’d be lucky to get to a fourth of these tasks completed by the end of the week (technically Friday, but for all intents and purposes, Wednesday)… Time to prioritize. They say people are supposed to […]

Moving On


I’m finally free to talk in public a little bit more about what’s been going on in davidland in the past month or so. The management team at CATF asked me to refrain from speaking about this until they had a chance to call a few people; I also wanted to make sure I had personal conversations with certain folks, as well (if we haven’t talked, yet, don’t worry, I’m slowly working down my list). […]

Bike Riding when it’s cold…


I thought I would share this little email exchange. My friend, Steve, invited me for a bike ride last weekend, and it was looking like it was going to be cold, so I sent him an email: I may have to pass if it looks like it looked this morning… Brrrr… I don’t have cold weather gear, so my suffering tolerance might be low… I’ll play it by ear and call you in the morning. […]



boring technical note: Several of my feeds have been broken for a while (showing 404). I’ve added some redirects that point all broken feeds to the .92 rss feed at Also, I’m about to do a massive site reboot (including a redesign I’ve been prototyping for a bit. yea! finally.) URLs and pointers will definitely be adjusted (ex. “” instead of “”). I’ll try to do some rewrites to make this seamless, but some […]



Yesterday I had dinner with a friend and, of course, after a couple of Coronas we got to talking about blogs (we’re both hopelessly unashamed geeks). I went into my standard rant about time-ordered entries being an inadequate way to organize a blog since all the old stuff disappears off the page, no matter how good it is. I spent some time today flipping back through my archives. Damn. Not to toot my own tuba, […]