Month: December 2004

Home Office Setup – Workzones


workzones Originally uploaded by davidnunez. This is how I’m organizing my workflow in my home office setup. I based a lot of what I’m doing on quite a bit of research and trials. There are some things that still need work (especially the interior design (i.e. wall colors), but it’s a work in progress. My first goal was to get all the functionality working. I’ve discovered some nifty things as I’ve experimented and lived with […]



biker Originally uploaded by davidnunez. This little biker guy sits on top of my monitor at the Polycot office. Jeff & Irma gave him to me for Christmas.

Pending Redesign


I spent some time this weekend working on a redesign for the good ol’ website, mostly in preperation to spam my contact list with a davidnunez newsletter. Here is a screenshot of the new look to be installed tomorrow:

I’m a peacock!


I’m not really much of a clothes shopper (to which you feign astonishment, “Nooooo?! Really?!? Isn’t that shirt you have on something you wore in High School?”) However, I’ve been in desperate need to get another pair of jeans (I’ve been able to get away with less pairs since my previous job was business casual and I spent most of my life in dockers). Kohl’s has been having this big holiday sale this past week, […]

Comment Spam


I, and many other users of Drupal, have been bombarded in the past couple days with lots and lots of relentless comment spam. It was easy to delete, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping, so I’ve temporarily turned off anonymous commenting until I can apply the necessary patches.



I don’t know how to draw, sketch, or even doodle. I know people who have spent years studying the craft and can produce, in minutes or over days, lines and curves and shading that would stun you in their elegance and skillful execution. I’ll never be that good. Hell, I’ll never even be sufficient however, I think drawing, like many things, is one of those activities which is 1/3 talent, 1/3 skill and practice, and […]

What is this? (The Copper Brothers)


A friend of mine is getting married over new years, so a group of us are going to rent an RV and drive up to Omaha to celebrate. This, along with a prompt from Mike (plus a scene from Christmas Vacation), inspired a story which I wrote and emailed out today. I later realized this could be edited and repurposed for here to meet my quota. Names have been changed and I slapped on a […]