Month: January 2005

Looking for cool personal workspaces in Austin


Do you work from home or have 100% control over your work environment / setup? I’m looking for people in the Austin / San Antonio area that have put some thought into their home office, studio, workshop, kitchen, meditation space, etc. I’m preparing to launch a site that focuses on how people aesthetically and functionally set up their work and thinking spaces. I’m arranging a series of interviews and case studies of individual productivity-spaces. It […]

Couple quick tidbits


Tinfoil hat alert: I am listening to a pretty decent documentary on KUT on surveillance in the information-rich age No Place to Hide via American Radioworks Also, be sure to order the Kaow Soi Kai soup from The Soup Peddler and make your donation to the Red Cross for Tsunami relief: “This really quite spicy Northern Thai coconut chicken noodle soup is a recent discovery by Zac, our Ivy League dishwashing specialist member of the […]

New Year’s Resolutions


I’ve been spending some time thinking through what I want to accomplish this year. I’ve posted very long lists of goals here before under the auspices of promoting accountability, but here’s my problem: For the resolutions that are truly meaningful to me, I don’t really care what you think. Sorry. However, I’ve made my list (actually more like a mindmap), and I’m spending a couple hours every day revising and changing and fleshing out. The […]