Month: February 2005

Popcorn for dinner


If he’d only ask me, What’s up? I would say, I had popcorn and a coke for dinner tonight. I haven’t slept more than 4 hours at a time in the past week or so. I haven’t created with all of me since I was a teenager, or ever. I miss my dead friend very badly. Fear makes me shut down or blindly leap, never in between. Nobody knows about my stash, and I think […]



At some point I’ll add SOMETHING interesting to this site (like, perhaps, more of a… how you say… “Design?”) or “content?” bleh.

3 Projects


Projects currently swirling and their codenames: Teatro (named after a Willie Nelson CD): box office services coop or not-for-profit targeted to small and independent theatre groups Deskhacks: study of personal workspaces Get-High-Bot (a machine I’m trying to cobble together before sxsw-i that has, as a design flaw, the tendency to get observers very dizzy if the room is not properly ventalated). I’m nothing if not easily excited.

Too… many…


ellipses… in my writing… i don’t really… know… why… probably… because I write… before I think… and… this leads to… not… fully… baked… thoughts… so.. when… I get to the end of an idea… I lose steam… and let it hang… or something…

Road Rash


I was flying down a hill on my bicycle (about 18-19 mph). I saw the overflowing creek ahead… running water flowing over the road. Did that stop me? “Nah,” I said, “I’m invincible.” I plowed through and immediately felt my back tire start slipping. I use clipless pedals (so my shoes are literally attached directly to the bicycle… locked in unless you make a fancy movement with your foot.) I tried to compensate by shifting […]

Relaunching for 2005


this will soon be populated by my new site… <strike>the old stuff is here:</strike> The old stuff will be migrated slowly… I’ll be keeping an eye on broken pointers so that I provide appropriate redirects. I’m uploading the new design, now…. Completed The basic framework for the new site launch is in place. Contributed Modules installed modules/excerpt modules/flickr modules/flickrmodule modules/front modules/spam modules/summary modules/taxonomy_context modules/taxonomy_html modules/taxonomy_otf modules/trackback modules/urlfilter modules/weblink – fixed blogmark to remove popup […]

!Massive Site Overhaul


I’m about to take the site down for a massive overhaul. I’m going to try to keep the weirdtime to just today and will try to preserve urls and such. However, chances are everything is going to blow up (rss feeds, referring links, etc) Sorry. Tabula Rasa, kids…. sxsw is coming up.



Adina and I went to an art opening on Saturday.. she did a great job of deconstructing the experience. I left feeling pretty much like a sucker… Oh well. The peoplewatching was great and the irony of the hipsters being all hip, unwittingly part of the marketing hype, was particularly amusing (of course art openings==free booze, so much was amusing)