SxSW: What to put in my bag?


Here are some things I’m putting in my “Carry around” bag:

  • A Big Bottle of Water – this is technically a no-no. You’ll need it to avoid insane convention center refreshment monopoly surcharges, though.
  • Trail mix or other keep-me-going medicine (see above)
  • Gum / Mints / sucking candy (since you’ll be talking to so many people, your throat is going to get sore, right?)
  • Cell Phone w/ my # on speed dial: (512.275.6202)
  • Notepad / paper
  • Twice as many pens as you think you’ll need (since they will be lost) and a yellow marker
  • Lots and lots of business cards
  • a separate folder or bag or envelope for incoming business cards
  • SxSWi Program
  • Camera
  • USB Drive (Thanks Don)
  • Sticky Notes (Thanks Don)
  • Wetnaps (added Thursday; March 9, 2006)

They usually give out the conference schedule on little cards you can fold up and stick into your badge pouch.

Please add more items below in the comments.