Month: April 2005

10K, Health Expo, Eeyore’s


Lots of stuff happening on Saturday. If you see me, come say hi, please! 10K run at the Capitol. Health Expo to check my cholesterol and hear Grupo Fantasma (12:30). Eeyore’s Birthday From my Austinist Article: If nothing else, running a 10K will make you sweaty and stinky like all the other hippies you’ll meet later on in the day, over at Eeyore’s. Yay!

Roller Girl Video


Here is some video from the roller derby last night. <!–break–> Grrrl Fight (.mov) Hustler making an awesome move to get to the front of the pack (.mov) and of course, Bunny Rabid skating around (.mov) Here is my: Austinist Writeup.

54 Seconds House Party


The music was great (54 Seconds) and the vibe was exactly what Austin is all about. A concert being filmed for dvd in some dude’s backyard! I mean, come on. {{flickr:9554584}} 54 Seconds – recommended bob-your-head and groove music, not to mention what a gorgeous bass player / birthday girl! {{flickr:9554548}} Some new friends met on a beautiful austin evening



memento mori is an art term used to describe an image included in a work that reminds the viewer of their own mortality. These images might appear to be horrific, (ex. grim reaper or dead and decaying bodies), but their intent is to encourage constant readiness; you never know when it’s your turn to go. I think choosing to own up to “you will die” means that you will not squander your precious heartbeats. You […]

Rock-n-Roller Derby


This is not a sport for the weak of heart. They shove each other hard, crashing in spectacular balls of fire into the laps of the audience. They frequently end up in fist fights and wrestling matches on the floor that have to be broken up by the only seemingly sane people in the room, the referees. And in case you were wondering, any one of these girls could take you without so much as […]