Month: May 2005

Role of government


I think government has a role, but it’s limited to 3 things: Protecting our civil rights (including protecting us from fraudulent misbehavior that clouds (i.e. removes) our choices). Protecting us from attack by other nations. And to a much lesser degree: upkeep of the commons (i.e. infrastructure) – although a lot of this can and should be privatized. Everything else is liberty crushing.

To Smoke or not to Smoke


There is an election today in Austin and the hot topic is an ordinance that bans smoking in bars, bowling alleys (BOWLING ALLEYS, for crying out loud), pool halls, restaurants etc. I’m voting against this ban. I’m a left-leaning libertarian, and I HATE the precedent of governments using unnecessary laws to control individual behavior and remove ANY of our freedom. (little by little, as we give up “insignificant” liberties, we lose a dangerous amount of […]