Month: August 2005

Wiki Sketchbook


8/19/2005 – took down wiki for now So I’m trying a little experiment. I’ve launched a wiki here as my online sketchbook of half-baked ideas. It’s not meant to be for communities to collaborate, but for me to roast ideas before they make it to the blog. In particular, here are more thoughts related to Wiki as a sketchbook. Rapid iterative development. I’m trying to get better at that; it feels better, at least. […]

Are we dead, yet?


Every once in a while, do you get into these weird fits of creative frustration? The kind that totally wreck you, like how biting your tounge can throw your entire equilibrium off for days? Do these unscratchable itches< make you lash out at the people you really should be holding close or encourage you to skip your morning bike ride after all? Can you trace these… I dunno… let’s call ’em “episodes”… to discernable catalysts? […]

Project List


I would also want to add a taxonomy of tags related solely to individual projects and project categories so I could find all posts applicable to a project. How is this different than blogs and journals? Is my blog an online sketchbook / idea journal? Will readers be bored with the massive flow of half-baked ideas? Maybe the blog shows built items only w/ “see creative process” links to the supporting items. But then, I […]

A Creative Framework


I was flipping through some old idea journals and I found this little diagram I drew, arrogantly titled, “David’s Guide To Cultivating Ideas” I’ll scan it in, but it was 5 circles: Live/Observe, Wonder, Tinker, Learn, and Build with various arrows connecting them and the arrows were labeled “Share.” You can draw it yourself: Live/Observe points to Wonder Wonder Points to Tinker Wonder Points to Learn Tinker Points to Learn Learn Points to Tinker Learn […]