Month: October 2005



A huge pet peeve of mine: The worst insult you can give someone is to respond to something they say with a dismissive, “Whatever…” You’re telling them that they could say anything and it would make no difference to you; it implies you think they and their ideas are not worthy of your attention, time, or followup. Ultimately, it sends the message that you want nothing to do with that person. Don’t say it unless […]

Objects of My Life: Marathon Shoes


I ran and completed the Houston marathon a few years back in a little over 5.5 hours. It was barely too slow to count as an “official” finish, but the blisters and delerium I felt were my proof. I spent many an early Sunday morning training, while all my friends were sleeping, jogging around the Montrose neighborhood, down to Memorial park and back… building up my mileage, one unqualified step at a time. Those were […]