Month: January 2006

Locate me


I will get out of Austin at least once per month this year. Here is an indyjunior map of my travels past and future for 2006. This will be an ever-evolving map. (note: links to page containing flash file) Link is broken. What would a travel log look like as a Drupal module? Could GoogleMaps mash in somehow?



Clearly, I am spending some time redesigning my site. In order to think through these changes, I’ve been looking at a lot of other peoples’ websites for inspiration. It is a fine line between “inspired by” and “stolen from,” but there is a lot of really good stuff out there.

synonyms for creativity framework


Your creative ideas and projects will evolve and devolve among various states. The broad description of how ideas turn into reusable results is what I’m calling my “creativity framework.” <!–break–> Live = observe = collect facts = actively experience = holistic Wonder = ask = probe = question = hypothesize Tinker = Learn = Research = Play = Prototype = draft = sketch = read = web surf = notetake = test Build = version […]

Get a little anxious, information overload, tagging

Essays / Opinion

This is a braindump of something I would like to think about and possibly approach some solutions this year. Information overload makes me more than a little anxious. I find it amusing and also sad that a search for “information overload” on google yields over 11.2 million results. The problem is that there is so much good stuff out there but no really useful tools to help sift through this meme avalanche. How does one […]

Stretching Daily

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Creativity is a skill that needs nourishment, practice, and brutal honesty. You can’t call yourself a “creative person” unless you are actually living/observing, wondering, learning, tinkering, AND building every single day. You can’t do any of those things successfully, much less expect anyone to notice unless you share your work… and it is, indeed, work. – I met Mark last SxSW. His idea of creatively stretching, daily and holding himself accountable by sharing his […]

Okay. And now we begin.


No insincere apologies. No excuses. No detailed stories. No empty, unrealistic promises. Just going to restart, now. Just going to unstick myself, leaving pieces of skin behind. I’m not exactly back, but I’m getting there.