Month: March 2006

Alive again.


I’m back! Switched servers, but managed to get all the content over in one piece. FINALLY. … and somehow, this is very unsatisfying. Time to reiterate. So. I went to SxSW-Interactive 2006 and got a little inspired. Watch this space for iterationone Live – Observe – Collect – share Wonder – Question – Hypothesis – share Tinker – Explore – Research – Play – Prototype – Test – share Build – Answer – Proposition – […]

The (Last-Minute) Unofficial Geek Guide to SxSW-Interactive 2006


Link: Robert Nagle’s guide to fitting in at a geek conference – Go read this guide RIGHT NOW. This is a hell of a lot more entertaining and useful than mine (#12 – touche’)Friday; March 10, 2006 – 4:45 PM Link: Searchable SXSW Interactive 2006 schedule– Prentiss created an incredibly useful speaker/panel directory. Useful because it IS simple and searchable. No AJAX used or abused in the thing. Friday; March 10, 2006 – 2:17 PM […]

Server Trouble


Astute readers may have noticed my site’s been up and down (mostly down) for over a week. I honestly have simply not had the manhours available to focus on getting it back up. With SxSW looming, I figured it was time to up its priority. It should be good to go by then. Even if it means switching servers and doing crazy redirects.