Month: April 2006

Austin gets meshed


I predicted something in 2003 that finally tipped. Evangelizing Wifi in Austin In that article, I said that coffee shops having WiFi would also have a competitive advantage on their dark, wifiless competitors. That is, they would have an advantage until ubiquitous wifi became a reality. That has started to happen. Today, the City of Austin announced the launch of its Downtown wi-fi network. Now, anywhere in the 6th street / Town Lake corridor (which […]

My intent – moving forward with this blog


I’m contracting with Pluck in Austin, working on BlogBurst. A large part of my job is reviewing multiple blogs a day for editorial quality and interest. I’ve come to better understand what I find interesting in other blogs and what I find dreadfully boring. I think a lot of what I have put in my blog in the past falls into the terribly yawnspirational. You can categorize blog posts along an axis of “interestingness” or […]

Maker Faire


I am currently in San Mateo attending Make Magazine’s Maker’s Faire There is QUITE A LOT to blog about. In the meantime, check out my flickr sets here: Maker Faire Flickr Set Day 1 Maker Faire Flickr Set Day 2

Blog Uploaded


It wasn’t easy installing Typo on my ISP because RoR is quirky. These helped: Typosphere Wiki DreamHost Wiki Alex Young’s Advice Ultimately, I needed to flush caches and kill ruby processes

Migrated to Typo


I migrated away from Drupal to Typo as my blogging platform. I decided to migrate my blogging platform after I saw Katie using the admin interface. Reasons Just for giggles, mostly. Drupal was fun, but it was way too bloated to allow me to do the kind of exploration I was hoping to accomplish with my blog. Also wanted to force myself to bone up on Ruby. There seems to be a more wide open […]