Month: August 2006

FOO Camp wrap up coming


For those of you that cared enough to email me desperate for gossipy wrap-ups of FOO: I’m catching up with the RealWorld right now, but I have a post in draft form of FOO camp to post at lunchtime. Wheee!

Blogging from Sebastopol Library

Events / Personal

I realize how spoiled I am in Austin with all the wireless available in just about every part of town in such different varieties of venues (coffee shops, libraries, movie theaters, outdoor parks, etc). Library – Sebastopol [?] Both in San Francisco and here, not only was it hard to find WiFi, but it was even harder to find WiFi that was open and didn’t cost 4.95 a minute to use. After trying a coffee […]

Sheer number of bloggers dilutes their value


Most bloggers do not follow the same rigor as journalists accountable to a newspaper which has some editorial oversight and liability. That’s not to say that blogs and bloggers cannot provide valuable, timely and important information. However, FINDING that information in the sea of noise is very difficult. I know the urge and trend is to bemoan the Big, Bad, Media companies, but the truth is that there are economies of information scale that are […]

Wild blog counts by Technorati are dangerous and don’t show real value


About a month ago, I spoke on a panel about blogging at the Texas Writer’s League annual conference. I spent some time talking about how people (i.e. David Sifry, uber-smart founder of Technorati) were claiming millions and millions of blogs were being created and talked about the exponential growth of blogging. Then I put up this slide: Here is why putting numbers in perspective is important: When large numbers are thrown around, that gets investors […]

Readymade Meat Cart Bed


I built the meat cart bed from Readymade Issue 1. I altered the dimensions to better fit a full-sized mattress for a smaller space. Flickr photo set Technorati Tags: bed, cart, meat, readymade

Austin Blogger Meetup tonight


There is another of the monthly austinbloggers meetups tonight: Austin Bloggers’ Monthly Get-Together at Central Market (Lamar & 38th) Wed, 16-Aug-2006, 07:00PM There is some additional info about them that I wrote, literally, years ago. Adina Levin also wrote an interesting article about community sites that references the group. grew out of get-togethers of local bloggers. We wanted to have a shared space to post about austin. So we gathered around tables at Mozarts, […]

Wired News: The Age of Cheap, Plastic Robots


As a robot enthusiast and, dare I say, practitioner, there are three trends in consumer/entertainment robotics that I’m tracking and which have opportunities for much deeper exploration. gladiator machines – BattleBots. Where are the ballet robots? Machines with sensitivity? When will it become about the performance art and not the hobbyist exploitation? When will people be paying $100 a ticket to walk into a concert hall to watch machines perform? Maid robots – roomba, scooba, […]

Golden lambs and multi-headed lions


Not to get too political here… However, no matter which side of the fence you straddle, isn’t an ad all about how your opponent will make you unsafe from terrorists a blatant example of “politicizing national security?” Spencer for Senate: John Spencer promises, “I won’t play politics with our security.” Uhm. Ok. Of course your neighbors (or maybe even you) are all idiots, so maybe that’s the kind of approach that wins elections. Bleat away […]

Monkey love via webcams


Online Dating Is Planned for Orangutans: Zookeepers in the Netherlands are planning to hook up Dutch and Indonesian orangutans over the Internet and believe the link could at some stage be used as an online dating service where apes could get to know one another and keepers could work out whether they would be compatible mates. First things first: A romantic dinner for two. “We are going to set up an Internet connection between Indonesia […]