Month: March 2007

STS Forum Notes


Attended in the UT STS forum on Surveillance this morning. I came in a few minutes before the program started and they had a group of actors wandering around snapping photos and making some general point of harassing attendees to trade “anonymity dollars” for masks that would protect the audience from being surveilled. I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. I initially declined the thumbprint scan at the front door to get some dollars, […] and art. lebedev

Journal jostles for attention as the new ze frank. Justin and 3 of his friends have started a company to make online, live video easy. He wears a head-cam 24-7 and their shared apartment / office space has house cams as well. What will keep my attention is that I can relate to these guys in a way I couldn’t with Steve Mann (who arguably is the godfather of wearable cameras and is definitely a […]

Applescript to transform message to GTDAlt inbox item


I’m currently using GTDAlt in TextMate as my GTD processing system. It’s a text based system, so it’s upgradable, portable, etc. Through the TextMate bundle framework, you get some nice collating of contexts, etc. GTDAlt does rely on some proprietary syntax, but it’s pretty basic and easily parsable. There is rudimentary support for iterating through items in an inbox.txt file to generate GTD items. I created an applescript which will take the selected message in […]

Applescript that archives NetNewsWire post to DEVONThink Pro


As a refinement to an earlier script I posted, I made some modifications to my suggested news reading workflow. The applescript in this post will take the currently selected article in NetNewsWire, prompt the user for tags about the article, and then create a web archive of the article in DEVONThink. It attaches the referral URL to the DEVONThink record, so when it creates the archive, it will actually fetch the article from the original […]

Displaying tags on mephisto


The mephisto liquid tags, drops, and filters are not very well documented. You have to look in the source code (specifically drop_filters.rb) to discover what’s available. I was able to add rendering of tags/keywords by using: {{article | linked_tag_list}} in my template.

Applescript to import NNW smart folder into Yojimbo


Today I modified this script which facilitates Yojimbo importing from NetNewsWire I’ve set up a smart folder in NetNewsWire that grabs the latest 50 flagged headlines from any feed. I needed this script because I had a technorati watch feed for dorkbot and I wanted to collect blog mentions to send around. I was just flagging articles that mentioned dorkbot-austin and wanted to export a list of bookmarks. With this, the workflow is now: Quickly […]

Hack to get all posts with Textmate/Blogging Fetch


UPDATE (2007.03.20.084041): Don’t do this. It’s an awful hack and will grind your computer to a halt. I want to hack the textmate blogging bundle to do a full download of all posts in a blog and save those posts to local disk. First, I just hacked the bundle to allow user to fetch any post from the blog. Note: This is a slow hack and should only sparingly be used. Knud Möller talks about […]

Bold experiments

Opinion / Personal

This is going to be one of those things that seems all grand (and grandiose) today, and it only gains power and momentum if I actually go through with it. This is dangerously close to reinforcing negative behavior since in a month this may all be a massive failure — negative self-talk cycle. So, I’ve often pointed to Mark’s stretch daily as a source of inspiration — he documents one creative act per day. The […]

Using textmate as a blog editing tool


Mephisto and ecto do not get along readily… I mean, things work, but they are not fast and feel far from bulletproof. I just started using the textmate blog editing bundle by Brad Choate to update this blog. I watched a screencast that convinced me. I’m liking it quite a lot… Working solely in text with markdown is somewhat liberating. I think with some good quicksilver-foo, it would make for some fun blogging workflow. Furthermore, […]