Month: May 2007

Maker Faire Report


Landed at SFO yesterday morning and went directly to the san mateo fairgrounds. I’m here to learn, observe, and help any way I’m needed in anticipation of Maker Faire Austin in the fall (October 21). I’ve done everything from wiping down whiteboards to rolling up posters to cross-checking maker lists for safety waivers. Grunt work and face time and positive attitude, etc. There is a very small team that is running around like mad, but […]

Traveling to San Mateo


I’ll be at Maker Faire from Wednesday until Monday of next week… I’ll try to post some behind-the-scenes stories and event photos / wrap-ups at the hotel nightly (Hilton Garden Inn – complimentary Internet! yay.)

Rebooting blog yet again.


I was making a list of things I wanted to do with my personal website. Before SxSW I spent many hours getting the blog running mephisto, for no other reason than it’s written with Ruby on Rails. I wanted to eat my own dogfood, etc. As I was looking at my list of blog enhancements I wanted to spend time building, I realized that the WordPress community has already accomplished most of these items and […]