Month: August 2007

Jennifer Lin: Magical improv from 14-year-old pianist


She talks about her creative process during composition. creativity process musical ideas / sketches choose one as “main theme” choose style to apply to theme and get inspiration from previous work make structure – outline / form fill in structure w/ ideas Polish the details Polish the entire piece

Applescript to import articles into devonthink pro and from incoming NetNewsWire RSS streams


The applescript in this post will take the currently selected headline or tabbed article in NetNewsWire, prompt the user for tags about the article, and then create an HTML copy of the article in DEVONThink in a sub group. If the first tag is not the word “private” then the link is also posted, via cocoalicious, to my account. This was based on my prior script and Ethan’s attempt to deal with info overload. […]