Month: November 2007

Meeting edict and energy vacuums


I have a new meeting edict. I had 2 rather inspiring, back-to-back meetings this morning. I wish I could have spent the entire day with the two people I met this morning (one a friend who’s work I admire and I feel comfortable BS’ing with, and the other a stranger-soon-to-be-friend w/ similar interests and demonstrating good ideas), I’d rather have 2 of these people in my address book than 200 people who I “friended” on […]

Lazyweb Script – make a url / bookmark review taskmaster


I’m Reviewing a whole bunch of urls in a long txt file of collected urls and bookmarks. Will somebody please create a program or script that randomly selects 5 items from a list of urls, offers them up for quick editing (or rejection) and then opens them in browser — alternatively, just cull n entries from list (w/ option to reject selection) into new file…

Manchester Airport Has Free, Public Wireless


It’s not really on the way to or from anything, but FYI: Manchester, NH airport has free, public wireless (not open – one nag/term page to click through). About 6 weeks ago, I found that I could grab wireless from Cincinnati airport, but alas, this was locked up under some Bell ISP. I did see a computer-to-computer connection named, suspiciously, “Free Public Wireless!” (the exclamation point pushes it over the edge of seediness). Decided to […]

Robot Marionette Got 3 Blue Ribbons at Maker Faire


My Robot Marionette at Maker Faire was awarded 3 Editor’s Choice Ribbons! This was a big surprise; this, plus the feedback I was receiving from passerby who stopped dead in their tracks with gaping maws really made it all worthwhile. I had a lot of “fun” building him, lost enormous amounts of sleep, growled a lot, and gained some really valuable personal insight… probably worth a blog post, actually. I’ll be showing him off again […]

Spam and Email System


I think I have finally nailed down a reasonable email handling / spam fighting strategy after about a year of tweaking. I’m going to slowly describe my system over a series of posts. It’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. Here are a couple of ranty things I’d like to just put out on the table, first. I wish I had a quarter for whenever somebody says, “Oh, man, I get SOOO many […]