Month: December 2008

Speculative Producing – Building Artifacts as Practical Futurism


I just listened to Eurydice Aroney’s radio piece, “The Dribble Down Effect” – (listen at – Re:Sound #44) The story is a “mockumentary” done in the style of a radio documentary you might hear as a 30-minute special on NPR. While parts were definitely funny, it didn’t seem to be presented as a slapstick humorous production (a la Chris Guest’s movies). Instead, this was speculative fiction reported on in a very serious manner, peppered […]

Large Letters for greater creativity


I’ve recently upped the font sizes in Textmate and the terminal. It makes me feel like my code is more beautiful, somehow. Maybe it’s because whenever I watch a brilliant hacker give a technical talk, they put their screens up on the projector and live-code with super-large type. Perhaps it reduces the amount of stuff that fits on my screen to a more elegant “that which matters.” Too much text via smaller font makes it […]

Observations at Dev House


This Sunday I participated in DevHouse Boston. It was fantastic, exhausting, and maybe even inspiring. Dev House convenes a group of people who all are working on or wanting to work on interesting projects for one, short day. At a strict time after the hack session, everyone shows off what they’ve finished. The scope of each project is necessarily small since the emphasis is on completing something. Mac demo’ing the project we worked on There […]

lifecasting as a digital notebook


I had a meeting this morning which I think will help seed a nice, grand project over the next year. We discussed creating an augmented workspace to be used in a laboratory setting. This is the brainchild of Jason Morrison and Mac Cowell of (see the Seed Magazine article featuring Mac and his work) The concept, called SmartLab, looks to be a fun way to reapply and improve on some work I have done […]

My grand project

Essays / Personal

I moved to Boston right after July 4th of this year and have had the opportunity to introduce myself to lots and lots of new faces. I took for granted that Austin was a relatively smaller town and that I could go to just about any tech-related meetup and find at least one person that I knew. So the question, “what do you do?” has had me stumped for a while now. When most people […]