Month: September 2012

Week Notes 1827 – Bad Week for Art


I’m falling into a few old patterns of not being able to apply a good filter on things I want to be working on. This is especially problematic at a place where opportunities come really fast and constantly. How do you say no to awesome, shiny bobbles that are in high supply at MIT? I used to really be disappointed that Media Lab people rarely showed up at Dorkbot-Boston events. I’m beginning to understand why. […]

Week Notes 1826 – Scheduling and Routines


A couple days late with this week note. I wrote a good chunk of this over the weekend, but didn’t finish editing until I realized I hadn’t posted. I backdated the posting date, at any rate. Another week flying by at MIT. This one was all about trying to settle into a schedule and a bit of structured routine. I find that I do my best work in the early morning; when I can get […]

Review: Robot & Frank


SPOILER ALERT: I reveal plot points of the movie, Robot & Frank, in this post. For my Human-Robot interaction class, I was assigned to go watch the indie movie, Robot & Frank and do a warm-up writing exercise to critique what I saw as it relates to social robotics. In the movie set in the near future, a companion / healthcare robot interacts with a man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Hilarity and tearjerking ensues. A […]

Week Notes 1825 – First week at MIT


I’m reviving a practice of writing weekly summaries called Weeknotes, inspired by Berg’s weeknotes. A friend sends out daily messages he calls “wilts” (short for “what I learned today”); he uses those posts to share what’s on his mind or to present interesting problems or ideas. I’m hoping my weeknotes posts function like “wi*w”… what I wondered/tinkered/learned/built/shared every week.