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Scorpions Part Deux

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So. It turns out that if you shovel up a bunch of dirt right in front of a forest and plop down a brand new house with delicious wood and dark nooks and crannies, you are begging to encounter at least one or two scorpion families.Much to my chagrin, Dad told me, in the same tone he would use to inform me I had a message on the answering machine, that he saw a scorpion […]

Telephone Tip for the Day

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When calling for customer service, Never, NEVER “press 1 for English.” In fact, don’t press any numbers at all. Just sit patiently and wait. You’ll jump to the top of the queue and will get an immediate answer from a human being. Trust me. It works… Just try it next time.You see, if an old person or someone without fingers calls and doesn’t know how, can’t comprehend, or simply isn’t able to press numbers, then […]