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art&code workshop on OF and iPhone


I’m currently in Pittsburgh at the Art&Code Mobile event. We arrived last night and came straight from the airport to attend the Rossum’s meetup. The group is an Art and Robotics collective that meet regularly to host speakers, collaborate on projects, and promote their work. This morning, I particpated in the OpenFrameworks and iPhone workshop taught by memo akten and Zach Gage The project we were working on was, essentially, pong for the iPhone. It […]

Maker Faire Report


Landed at SFO yesterday morning and went directly to the san mateo fairgrounds. I’m here to learn, observe, and help any way I’m needed in anticipation of Maker Faire Austin in the fall (October 21). I’ve done everything from wiping down whiteboards to rolling up posters to cross-checking maker lists for safety waivers. Grunt work and face time and positive attitude, etc. There is a very small team that is running around like mad, but […]

STS Forum Notes


Attended in the UT STS forum on Surveillance this morning. I came in a few minutes before the program started and they had a group of actors wandering around snapping photos and making some general point of harassing attendees to trade “anonymity dollars” for masks that would protect the audience from being surveilled. I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. I initially declined the thumbprint scan at the front door to get some dollars, […]

4-hour workweek by tim ferriss


This was the panel not to miss! Tim argues that our own time is most valuable and that economies of arbitrage allow you to outsource far more than we currently outsource… This exports jobs, obviously, but the hour I free up by delegating fighting with my cell phone company on hold is an hour I can get back to go explore the parts of the world that aren’t top 1% economies. He would argue that […]

Nothing like the last minute

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With the everlooming sxsw-interactive rapidly crashing in on me, I tried to do something cute with my web server and email. Everything broke and now I’ve got a duct-tape solution that at least will maybe let me get email again. The 11th hour is too late to try to do a relaunch. And yet here we are.

Blogging from Sebastopol Library

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I realize how spoiled I am in Austin with all the wireless available in just about every part of town in such different varieties of venues (coffee shops, libraries, movie theaters, outdoor parks, etc). Library – Sebastopol [?] Both in San Francisco and here, not only was it hard to find WiFi, but it was even harder to find WiFi that was open and didn’t cost 4.95 a minute to use. After trying a coffee […]