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What is this? (The Copper Brothers)


A friend of mine is getting married over new years, so a group of us are going to rent an RV and drive up to Omaha to celebrate. This, along with a prompt from Mike (plus a scene from Christmas Vacation), inspired a story which I wrote and emailed out today. I later realized this could be edited and repurposed for here to meet my quota. Names have been changed and I slapped on a […]



She dropped her satchel on the floor, the multitude of unconverged, expensive and fragile contents scratching and curmudgeoning like war-beaten cats in an asinine lover’s quarrel. Yet with the care of an ostrich turning its eggs, she used the tips of her fingers to coax her surplus/refurbished/gently-used/5-dollars-or-less fur-lined coat onto the foam padded clothes hanger in the entryway closet. Priorities. The answering machine winked like a lighthouse from across the room. She kicked off her […]

Blind Date


There was a strange incense burning, smelling of lemon dishwashing soap mixed with marijuana. She surveyed the room’s statues of many-armed creatures; these, she assumed were part of an exotic middle eastern religion; she had no idea that India was a country in South Asia – you see, "the foreigners all look the same." First one, then another potential dinner date arrived, each adding to her anxious disappointment, and one even shaking his head with […]


Best Of / Fiction

I have this fantasy. Over the course of a few months I would slowly tie off loose ends, get my affairs in order, and stockpile required supplies. I would cancel all my credit cards, telephone accounts, or any other electronic means for finding me… Except for, I’d pay the server company upfront for 10 years of service. Then, one day… maybe early springtime… maybe summer… I would take down the blog and replace it […]

My Eyes are Going to Explode

Fiction / Personal

I thought I ought to warn you That my Eyes are About to Explode. I’ve not found a way to relieve them They grow from behind. Pulse and pound Pulse and pound Like kettle drums for my brains. I really ought to warn you That my Eyes are About to Explode. But if I did, You’d miss the milky goo.

I’m Back: tired, exhausted, brain-fried

Events / Fiction

You know… It’s not right to subject the average geek to 8 hours of supermodels fighting for his attention… he just doesn’t know how to behave in that environment. AND how can they read my nametag from 20 feet away?!?!? The Encounter A Short Theatrical Experience Designed By David Nunez Setting: The [insert pretty much any company name] booth at SIGGRAPH 2002 Characters: David, the boy wonder – He’s both in and out of his […]