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FCC’s Vote against Net Nuetrality is a disservice to museums


Yesterday, the FCC voted to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order and dismantle the order’s strong net neutrality rules (New York Times summary of what happened). You have probably read about how this might impact broadband quality for things like streaming television or even basic websites via tiered access models (Verge summary of impact). The MIT Technology Review additionally argues this will harm innovation. Net Neutrality matters for cultural institutions like the MIT Museum. Blaire […]

Rebooting my Blog for 2015

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I have had moments where I’ve made sweeping, public declarations of reboots and fresh starts. These pronouncements have ranged from triumphant to cringe-inducing. This is one of those posts. Existential crises keep me up at night, and If I’m to be honest, have probably haunted me for at least a decade now. They reach a boiling point, and suddenly it’s time for blog reset… as if writing out loud would make things manifest in a […]

Spam and Email System


I think I have finally nailed down a reasonable email handling / spam fighting strategy after about a year of tweaking. I’m going to slowly describe my system over a series of posts. It’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. Here are a couple of ranty things I’d like to just put out on the table, first. I wish I had a quarter for whenever somebody says, “Oh, man, I get SOOO many […] and art. lebedev

Journal jostles for attention as the new ze frank. Justin and 3 of his friends have started a company to make online, live video easy. He wears a head-cam 24-7 and their shared apartment / office space has house cams as well. What will keep my attention is that I can relate to these guys in a way I couldn’t with Steve Mann (who arguably is the godfather of wearable cameras and is definitely a […]

Nothing like the last minute

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With the everlooming sxsw-interactive rapidly crashing in on me, I tried to do something cute with my web server and email. Everything broke and now I’ve got a duct-tape solution that at least will maybe let me get email again. The 11th hour is too late to try to do a relaunch. And yet here we are.

Readymade Meat Cart Bed


I built the meat cart bed from Readymade Issue 1. I altered the dimensions to better fit a full-sized mattress for a smaller space. Flickr photo set Technorati Tags: bed, cart, meat, readymade

Wired News: The Age of Cheap, Plastic Robots


As a robot enthusiast and, dare I say, practitioner, there are three trends in consumer/entertainment robotics that I’m tracking and which have opportunities for much deeper exploration. gladiator machines – BattleBots. Where are the ballet robots? Machines with sensitivity? When will it become about the performance art and not the hobbyist exploitation? When will people be paying $100 a ticket to walk into a concert hall to watch machines perform? Maid robots – roomba, scooba, […]

Iguana Food


Iguanas really like collard greens and mustard greens. It makes them grow big and plump and green. They’ll happily eat lettuce and carrots, but those are like Whataburger – delicious, but nutritionally bankrupt. I’m sorry, Iggy. You and I will eat better from now on.

Stretching Daily

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Creativity is a skill that needs nourishment, practice, and brutal honesty. You can’t call yourself a “creative person” unless you are actually living/observing, wondering, learning, tinkering, AND building every single day. You can’t do any of those things successfully, much less expect anyone to notice unless you share your work… and it is, indeed, work. – I met Mark last SxSW. His idea of creatively stretching, daily and holding himself accountable by sharing his […]

Are we dead, yet?


Every once in a while, do you get into these weird fits of creative frustration? The kind that totally wreck you, like how biting your tounge can throw your entire equilibrium off for days? Do these unscratchable itches< make you lash out at the people you really should be holding close or encourage you to skip your morning bike ride after all? Can you trace these… I dunno… let’s call ’em “episodes”… to discernable catalysts? […]