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Automatically Unshortening Links in WordPress Posts


On this site, I have the Broken Links Checker Plugin chugging away in the background. He tirelessly checks and rechecks every link in every post to find URLs that no longer work; pages sometimes just disappear. In most cases, I’m able to use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to find archived snapshots of the long-gone links so that the context of my writing archive remains preserved. I also recently imported all of my old Twitter […]

Rebooting my Blog for 2015

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I have had moments where I’ve made sweeping, public declarations of reboots and fresh starts. These pronouncements have ranged from triumphant to cringe-inducing. This is one of those posts. Existential crises keep me up at night, and If I’m to be honest, have probably haunted me for at least a decade now. They reach a boiling point, and suddenly it’s time for blog reset… as if writing out loud would make things manifest in a […]

On dormant blogs and completing projects


I am currently ramping up to reinvigorate my blog / online presence / personal brand / social media strategy, etc. etc. What you are seeing on my blog today is a temporary placeholder until I can officially “relaunch.” I’ve recently moved to the East Coast (Somerville, MA) and have been doing some Big Thinking about where I’m going with my work, life, etc. Part of this is a renewed emphasis on ego-building online. It’s easier […]

Shaking it loose

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Returning to a pre-sxsw template for… finally completing the mephisto to wordpress migration. I’ve been hacking away at a little app to post/share what I’m going to call “sketchstreams” I learned a lot about how I enjoy working while getting ready for maker faire. I’ll be adding features and tweaking the design on the blog in iterations over time rather in fell swoops. Collect, Wonder, Tinker, Build, Repeat — that should apply here too.

What Goes in My blog?


Questions – stated research interests – things I want to explore Sketches (Hardware, Software, incomplete thoughts, collected research (ex. delicious links)) as a direct response to questions or other sketches Articles / documentation of built projects — these are “answers”)

Converting from Mephisto to WordPress


Finished pulling in old entries to wordpress. adjust controllers/feed_controller so that the article limit is greater than number of articles clear cached feed in settings in CLI, execute “curl > feed.xml” (atom) use an xml / xsl editor on feed.xml to apply the Atom2RSS xsl sheet found here Use RSS import on wordpress Issues: Tags / Categories get all mixed up. Pages and comments do not import

Rebooting blog yet again.


I was making a list of things I wanted to do with my personal website. Before SxSW I spent many hours getting the blog running mephisto, for no other reason than it’s written with Ruby on Rails. I wanted to eat my own dogfood, etc. As I was looking at my list of blog enhancements I wanted to spend time building, I realized that the WordPress community has already accomplished most of these items and […]