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Bold experiments

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This is going to be one of those things that seems all grand (and grandiose) today, and it only gains power and momentum if I actually go through with it. This is dangerously close to reinforcing negative behavior since in a month this may all be a massive failure — negative self-talk cycle. So, I’ve often pointed to Mark’s stretch daily as a source of inspiration — he documents one creative act per day. The […]

Sheer number of bloggers dilutes their value


Most bloggers do not follow the same rigor as journalists accountable to a newspaper which has some editorial oversight and liability. That’s not to say that blogs and bloggers cannot provide valuable, timely and important information. However, FINDING that information in the sea of noise is very difficult. I know the urge and trend is to bemoan the Big, Bad, Media companies, but the truth is that there are economies of information scale that are […]

Wild blog counts by Technorati are dangerous and don’t show real value


About a month ago, I spoke on a panel about blogging at the Texas Writer’s League annual conference. I spent some time talking about how people (i.e. David Sifry, uber-smart founder of Technorati) were claiming millions and millions of blogs were being created and talked about the exponential growth of blogging. Then I put up this slide: Here is why putting numbers in perspective is important: When large numbers are thrown around, that gets investors […]

Get a little anxious, information overload, tagging

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This is a braindump of something I would like to think about and possibly approach some solutions this year. Information overload makes me more than a little anxious. I find it amusing and also sad that a search for “information overload” on google yields over 11.2 million results. The problem is that there is so much good stuff out there but no really useful tools to help sift through this meme avalanche. How does one […]

News Flash: Rita in Austin is not The Endtimes


Maybe I’m a jerk for saying so and maybe this makes me the guy that plays the fiddle as his city burns down… However. For crying out loud, take a long, deep breath and settle down, people I can maybe… maybe understand the mass exodus from Houston going on right now, but the long lines, messy traffic, and run on bread and bottled water I saw as I stopped in at the grocery store this […]

Interviews in Geekland


Today I sat on an interviewing panel for a position with an NSF-funded project that I do a lot of work with through my CATF-IT Cluster. There were three candidates, all very good. In the software and technical world, there is a Seven-levels-of-Hell interview gauntlet for programmers and engineers. I always found the typical programmers’ interviews to be downright abusive and tantamount to torture…Usually it’s a long series of interviews (preceeded by a phone screen […]