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David Nunez Reboot 2012


I am beginning a transition this week. It’s been a long time coming, actually, but there will be a flurry of activity in the upcoming weeks, and I wanted to be sure to capture these moments. I’ve been taking daily, self portrait, narcissist photos for a long while now, but this video above documents a subset from about April of this year until yesterday. This represents the time between when I was accepted to the […]

My grand project

Essays / Personal

I moved to Boston right after July 4th of this year and have had the opportunity to introduce myself to lots and lots of new faces. I took for granted that Austin was a relatively smaller town and that I could go to just about any tech-related meetup and find at least one person that I knew. So the question, “what do you do?” has had me stumped for a while now. When most people […]

Expressive Technology


From an email I just sent out: I’m building a robotic marionette (see The couple times I’ve shown it off in public, it is fascinating to watch reactions — first, people notice this creepy puppet moving around… then inevitably, their eyes travel up the strings and see this machine with spinning pulleys and wires. They stare at this device, mesmerized by the motion and peering all around it to see how it fits together. […]

Meeting edict and energy vacuums


I have a new meeting edict. I had 2 rather inspiring, back-to-back meetings this morning. I wish I could have spent the entire day with the two people I met this morning (one a friend who’s work I admire and I feel comfortable BS’ing with, and the other a stranger-soon-to-be-friend w/ similar interests and demonstrating good ideas), I’d rather have 2 of these people in my address book than 200 people who I “friended” on […]

Robot Marionette Got 3 Blue Ribbons at Maker Faire


My Robot Marionette at Maker Faire was awarded 3 Editor’s Choice Ribbons! This was a big surprise; this, plus the feedback I was receiving from passerby who stopped dead in their tracks with gaping maws really made it all worthwhile. I had a lot of “fun” building him, lost enormous amounts of sleep, growled a lot, and gained some really valuable personal insight… probably worth a blog post, actually. I’ll be showing him off again […]

Bold experiments

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This is going to be one of those things that seems all grand (and grandiose) today, and it only gains power and momentum if I actually go through with it. This is dangerously close to reinforcing negative behavior since in a month this may all be a massive failure — negative self-talk cycle. So, I’ve often pointed to Mark’s stretch daily as a source of inspiration — he documents one creative act per day. The […]

The Sun, The Moon, and a White Horse


My friend Maida told me of a superstition where if you see the sun, moon, and a white horse all in the same glance, you can make an especially ambitious wish and have it come true. Wow. Based on the events of the past couple weeks, I’d say that’s some powerful juju.

Blogging from Sebastopol Library

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I realize how spoiled I am in Austin with all the wireless available in just about every part of town in such different varieties of venues (coffee shops, libraries, movie theaters, outdoor parks, etc). Library – Sebastopol [?] Both in San Francisco and here, not only was it hard to find WiFi, but it was even harder to find WiFi that was open and didn’t cost 4.95 a minute to use. After trying a coffee […]

My Eyes are Going to Explode

Fiction / Personal

I thought I ought to warn you That my Eyes are About to Explode. I’ve not found a way to relieve them They grow from behind. Pulse and pound Pulse and pound Like kettle drums for my brains. I really ought to warn you That my Eyes are About to Explode. But if I did, You’d miss the milky goo.