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Large Letters for greater creativity


I’ve recently upped the font sizes in Textmate and the terminal. It makes me feel like my code is more beautiful, somehow. Maybe it’s because whenever I watch a brilliant hacker give a technical talk, they put their screens up on the projector and live-code with super-large type. Perhaps it reduces the amount of stuff that fits on my screen to a more elegant “that which matters.” Too much text via smaller font makes it […]

What we can learn about multitasking from machines

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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about focus and dealing with many projects at once. I’ve heard many people say that it is difficult, if not impossible, to be 100% committed to more than one endeavor at any time. Furthermore, the more stuff you have on your plate, the more everything simultaneously suffers. In an opportunity dense world, not everything has equal value. Indeed, I can relate to having spent too much time on value-poor […]

Applescript to import articles into devonthink pro and from incoming NetNewsWire RSS streams


The applescript in this post will take the currently selected headline or tabbed article in NetNewsWire, prompt the user for tags about the article, and then create an HTML copy of the article in DEVONThink in a sub group. If the first tag is not the word “private” then the link is also posted, via cocoalicious, to my account. This was based on my prior script and Ethan’s attempt to deal with info overload. […]

Plans are easy. Starting is hard.


Starting is always the hardest part, dont you think? I definitely have a deep infection of plan-it-out syndrome. Think About Planning Ahead [5x5s]: 5. Start now. Do something.Some people are addicted to planning (or the idea of planning). They get excited about all the tools you can use to plan, all the latest, hip ideas that planning gurus offer. But their planning ends up being all that there is…just planning. Planning is not a […]

The 20 minute rule – Taking action that leads to the Build


Earlier today I sent out what amounted to a call to arms to friends and mailing lists. I was urging people to drive towards the objective all creative people should have: to build things. I urged people to spend 20 minutes today working on whatever creative endeavor they have brewing in the back burner. Move that project into the center of the radar for just 20 minutes. 20 minutes is a very small chunk of […]