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Wrapping things up.


I gave myself pretty much the entire month of November to wrap things up at CATF. Boy, did that go by fast. I’m staring at the list of stuff that I’d still like to get done and I’m realizing I’d be lucky to get to a fourth of these tasks completed by the end of the week (technically Friday, but for all intents and purposes, Wednesday)… Time to prioritize. They say people are supposed to […]

Moving On


I’m finally free to talk in public a little bit more about what’s been going on in davidland in the past month or so. The management team at CATF asked me to refrain from speaking about this until they had a chance to call a few people; I also wanted to make sure I had personal conversations with certain folks, as well (if we haven’t talked, yet, don’t worry, I’m slowly working down my list). […]